Classmate Search

The effort to locate and obtain Contact Information for classmates continues for the 50th Year Reunion. This involves re-finding classmates whose contact information has changed since the 2014 reunion, in addition to finding those classmates for which we had no valid contact information for the 2014 reunion. Email is the preferred contact method and will be used exclusively if we have a classmate’s valid email address. We will attempt to contact classmates by postal mail (with a valid postal address) and/or by telephone (with a valid telephone number) for those classmates who do not use email regularly. NO CLASSMATE CONTACT INFORMATION WILL APPEAR ON THIS WEBSITE OR ANYWHERE ONLINE FROM THIS REUNION ACTIVITY.

Click on the document link below (a .pdf file) which will display the names of classmates for whom we have missing or no valid contact information. If your name is on that list, please complete the Contact Form on this website. If you can contact someone whose name is on the list, please ask them to complete the Contact Form on this website. If you have some clues to the location of a classmate on the list, you can ‘Leave a Reply’ on this webpage for the Search Committee, or send an email directly to This list will be updated periodically.

Classmate Missing Information List:  Missing Information List 30May2019

To open the Missing Information document (it is a .pdf file – Adobe Reader), click on the document link above. When you have the document open and have finished reviewing it, use your browser BACK arrow to return to this website. [Most computers have Adobe Reader software already loaded – if yours does not, it can be downloaded free from]

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